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Spending Money To Defend A Cause or Not

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Interesting situation I saw today where there is apparently someone who is gung ho in trying to take a website down that involves publishing information that critically analyzes a public service here. As it would appear, the perpetrators are doing things like a denial of service attacks (DDoS) where the hope is to overwhelm the site in such a way with fake Internet traffic that it would get the site shutdown. So in this situation, would you be inclined to spend the money to secure the site or simply let them continue?

I was thinking how this is like one of those times where we usually turn to money based solutions when the free options are probably best. Like in this case, instead of spending all that money to try and stop such people it’s probably more effective to in a way let them do it and highlight it. Might sound strange, but at times like that where you are not in a financial position to have all the bells and whistles it’s better to get help from others I think.

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