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Spending A Lot of Money For Good Luck And Peace of Mind

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With Chinese New Year here one thing that kind of made me think with all the ceremonies was how one important theme was to do various things for good luck. For example, having lion dancers go into businesses in an effort to wish them prosperity and wealth for their business. Then in some cases it seems like people were hired to give even more good luck in a zen type of way.

Kind of made me think whether or not stuff like this in our daily lives is big enough to the point where all these good luck charms and services can be a huge drain financially. For example, I know there are services such as Feng Shui consultants that can charge $250 per hour where it almost seems like you are hiring a lawyer. But in the end is the expense worth it per se?

I know for many even if it doesn’t necessarily do anything tangible the shift in mindset that you have say positive stuff around you is often worth the high price tag.

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