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Spending Hundreds Partying For The New Years 2018 or Preparing For It

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With the new years coming up I was actually pondering if there was anything I could do for new years eve that would be fun. Fireworks was the first thought and seeing the ticket prices list at hundreds of dollars made me wonder. Yes it is once a year but at the same time would you rather start the new years with say a big party or possibly buying something awesome for the rest of the year? As an example, spend $500 for an event to watch the fireworks close up with a fancy dinner or get a new camera for the year?

Many would probably think that is the no-fun mentality but it’s always nice to invest something that I can get value on throughout the whole year in a sense I feel. You could argue like there what is the point of getting a camera if you don’t spend the money to go to the places like that of course. But I would think there the compromise is maybe you don’t need to have such a convenient and lavish viewing area. Get the camera and enjoy the fireworks.

In some ways I suppose it’s no different than the hot debate of spend like $50,000 on your wedding day or use it for a home. I wonder what most people would opt to do for 2018 given the choice of the above.

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