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Spending Before You Get Paid

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The other day I was talking to a person who had to work some extreme overtime on his job. As a result, he was expecting some massive overtime pay which indeed was pretty substantial. The interesting thing I thought was that he pretty much already spent the funds in anticipation of receiving it by making some big purchases with his credit card. While he could indeed pay it off, it was kind of interesting to see how he spent his money faster than he got it.

I personally always adopted the mentality of if the funds aren’t in my bank account then that means I can’t spend it. In many ways I feel it develops financial discipline while always preparing you to be able to deal with sudden expenses that could arise. In many ways it’s like gambling with your finances too if you constantly spend money before you actually get paid. Almost like booking all the hotels and accommodations for your trip before you actually get your plane tickets secured.

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