Spending A Weekly Income In One Day
Financial Management

Spending A Weekly Income In One Day

I don’t usually do this very often but today I ended up spending an entire cheque from one source in a day as I decided to invest in some resources to increase my productivity for a project. While it in no way puts me in any financial danger or anything I usually don’t like doing this as I feel it makes it more likely you will become a pay cheque to pay cheque type of person.

Usually the way I discipline myself is that I save up my income and if I am interested in buying something that costs a lot I wait until I save about three times as much as the cost of the item before considering it. That way when I make the purchase there is no way it will create financial stress and at the same time it gives me a grace period to really think if I need it or if there is something better.

In most cases too it’s usually a want as oppose to a mandatory need. In this scenario though for me it simply came down to the time factor where if time equals money then technically I should be saving/making more this way with the investment. Can’t do this too much though.

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