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How You Spend Your Time Doesn’t Mean Having No Time

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Over the past few days I heard two separate stories of people essentially not continuing a hobby or passion with their reason being that they had no time due to life obligations. In both these cases too they were actually generating an income with these hobbies. Now one interesting thing I saw though was how they were actually spending hours doing other recreational things that essentially replaced the time they were spending on their original passion. In many ways it’s not that they didn’t have any time but rather they were choosing to spend it a certain way.

There is nothing wrong with that of course. But it’s always interesting in these cases to hear how people say they have no time when really they have a choice as to how to invest it. For me it’s puzzling in many ways when it comes to situations like these where those hobbies could probably turn into a business that they would love. If there was something that gave you multiple benefits as opposed to one wouldn’t it make sense to invest your time in that?

I guess for myself personally it’s having a clear understanding on why you do something to help you invest your time wisely. For example, if I do something for fun I tend to know why I find it fun per se to the point where I usually try and find things that will give me that same enjoyment while hopefully being productive with my goals in life as well. Always looking for those win-win scenarios I guess you can say. That has helped me to avoid the mentality of saying I have no time to do things that I know should be done.

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