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Is It Too Soon To Start Planning For 2018 Ideas

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It’s not even December yet where a lot can change in just one month. However, I am starting to already think of stuff to potentially do in 2018 or how I can make things more efficient. Some people were saying it’s way too early to be thinking of 2018 to the point where I am probably wasting time and energy in doing so. But can you ever start too early?

I personally feel it’s more productive to constantly think about the future in the sense of how to constantly improve while trying new things. This is different than constantly worrying about things you have no control over. For example, not doing some kind of work because you constantly fear that something bad can happen at any moment. Like there I would be inclined to say stop thinking too far ahead until the situation arises.

Even for this year so far a lot of the cool things that happened for me was a result of simply just thinking of the idea around this same time and then just being ready to do it right away on the new years. It gave me time to address any doubts as well. So is it too early to think about different business ventures and ideas for 2018?

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