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Sometimes The Price of Organic Baffles Me

It’s no surprise that when you go to the supermarket and shop for organic items you can expect to pay a hefty price compared to non-organic ones. Today I visited a wholefood store and I definitely expect the prices for the most part to be higher as to my knowledge a lot of the items are advertised as being organic. I then walked past this one sign that was advertising they had some blueberries on sale. The first thing that caught my attention was the price.


As you can see, this was advertising that you can buy two “Organic ½ Pint Blueberries” for $10 where you’ll save 99 cents in doing so. I am really trying hard to understand the prices and I honestly can’t. It really does make me wonder how much harder it is to grow items like this organically. Usually around these times too you can buy a whole load of blueberries for $10. I can maybe see something like two for five or six dollars, but like here $10 just sounds so much.

It makes it so much harder to shop what you think are the healthier choices doesn’t it? I am inclined to say everyone should try their best to grow their own food and invest in the necessary tools and resources to do so. It makes me wonder too, if you saw an item that says organic versus locally grown which one do you think justifies the higher price tag?

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