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Something As Silly As Parking To Kill Savings

This was kind of funny I thought where today I was helping my dad look for a small bag of rice as he didn’t want to buy the larger packaged ones. So I was thinking of various stores and supermarkets that we could go to. We ended up at a supermarket where there was only paid parking. In this case we had to pay about one dollar. I was so hesitant to go in as a result, but ultimately we did.

Interestingly enough, in this supermarket his friend happened to be employed there. As a result, his friend was able to purchase the item for him with the employee discount. The savings was about $1.20. I was joking about this too as since the parking was $1 it kind of killed a lot of the savings he got from the discount. One of those times where you have to factor in the time and expense to actually get to the store to determine if it is really better than paying a little more at a place that is closer.

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