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Social Distancing Adaption For Businesses

Going through the mall today you can tell that something was going on as the lineups were very long. This wasn’t due to there being a lot of people but rather a lot of businesses are implementing procedures to help keep people at least two meters apart from each other I an effort to avoid potentially getting infection by COVID-19 if someone has it.

Today while going through a Walmart as an example you can see that they have these signs everywhere and the entrance to the store was almost like line control for a new release. This is of course to help control the traffic in the store and to better ensure that people have a lot of room away from each other. It’s interesting to think about where this pandemic caught every business off guard. I guess you can say this is all last minute ideas to adapt to the times too.

It does make me wonder in many ways why more businesses wouldn’t use online or digital delivery systems. For example, people place their orders and then people can pick it up or have it delivered. Seems that would eliminate the need for crowds while shopping. Interesting time to live in though.

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