So Much Money For A Lego Container
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So Much Money For A Lego Container

I was at a toy store recently looking for some potential gift ideas for my nephew. Since he had a lego party not too long ago I figured may as well see what is being offered out there for lego enthusiasts. I then saw this with a few other people and it was essentially a container shaped like a lego person’s head. The immediate thing that popped up for everyone was the price of this. As you can see, it was $44.99.


The person even commented at first that maybe there are actual lego pieces inside as well which would explain the price. That wasn’t the case though. So if anything you are paying mostly for the novelty of the item. One person then commented how they could just get any old container for like a few dollars. The price we pay to put a smile on the face of children huh?

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