So Many Prices To Compare Even On Big Sales Events
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So Many Prices To Compare Even On Big Sales Events

Even with big sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday you still need to compare your options as to what the best value for an item is. One really good example I saw was for sales when it comes to external hardrives. Take a look at these two examples first. At first you can see at one store they are selling a 4TB external hardrive for $169.99


Sounds pretty good since it is like 30% off right? However, looking at another store they are selling a 5TB external drive for $159.99.


Of course that is a better value where you are getting an extra TB for $10. So that must be the best value right? Well, funny enough if you go back to the first store they were selling the 5TB model as well. In terms of price, it was $149.99.


So basically it is $20 less than the first option and $10 less than the second but you get more space. How’s that for confusing the heck out of you? All of these were sales specials too. You would think the first store would at least be like “Well, if we are selling that 5TB for $149.99 than the 4TB has to be cheaper.” That usually isn’t the case though and I notice people still buy the one that isn’t as good of a deal.

Kind of shows you that you shouldn’t rely on the stores itself to educate you on what the best deals are. Regardless if it is a big sales event, you still need to do your price comparisons. Granted you need to do it a lot faster and more efficiently than usual since everyone is in an emotional buy mode where the item may go out of stock fast.

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