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So Many Limited Editions

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I was just looking at some products to see what is currently in demand during the Christmas holiday. For the most part I wasn’t too surprised as everything that I thought would be highly anticipated was there. What was interesting to me is how so many companies seem to be making limited edition packages that sell so easily to the fanatics.

Some of them don’t seem that special to me either such as the limited edition is nothing more than just a different box cover art. Makes you wonder too how much in sales you can increase for your products if you try to find something really cheap like say making an inexpensive plastic coin that is themed around the product and say it is a limited edition item if you buy the products now.

If it is something like a 300% increase in sales then that wouldn’t bee too bad of an idea I guess. Usually for me as a consumer though these types of things only interest me if it is something substantial such as a limited edition bobble head or something. I guess it’s mostly due to personal perception too on whatever bonus you get is just as valuable on its own.

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