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Smartphone Frugal For Four Years And Now Using The Samsung Galaxy 20 FE

Recently it just seemed like the smartest thing to do was buy a new phone as my old Samsung Galaxy S7 was experiencing too many problems ever since a store did a bad battery replacement on it. Everything from buttons not working to applications being a lot slower than normal. So it was time to upgrade. I’m not one to spend thousands every year normally just to get the latest and greatest phone. I view them like a computer where it should last you awhile before any real need to upgrade.

To me the best value for my needs seemed to have been the Galaxy S20 SE and so I went with it. After using it today the thought that came to my mind is how sometimes not updating your tech frequently can also mean you miss out on a lot of what is happening in modern day times in regards to communication and the social norm. For example, I already knew all the stuff from being a tech enthusiast, but I never had the need for a fingerprint scanner. Or charging wise I always just plugged it into an outlet without much fuss. But here you have the option of wireless charging and sharing power with other devices that way.

So you can see how if you just stick with what simply works for your needs 100% of the time without taking some initiative to experience what’s new you could easily overlook thee things when it comes to you establishing say a business for the future. Very similar to how before people laughed at the idea of needing a website for a restaurant as it made no sense since they get business from foot traffic as an example. Nowadays online reviews and a presence online is how many research where to go.

This phone definitely takes nicer pictures and videos than my old phone. But what I am most interested in as the days go on is how I can increase my productivity with modern tech and adapt it into the things I run. Here’s some pictures for fun:

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