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Small Businesses Going Against Government Health Orders

Recently in a lot of places further restrictions have made many businesses frustrated as they simply can’t survive with all these sudden mandatory shutdowns. It sounds like many people were understanding at first but now I am reading more stories of businesses simply ignoring the rules. One of the arguments is how it makes no sense for large corporations to remain open such as supermarkets whereas the small corner store needs to shut down.

These situations are interesting as usually when it comes to government regulations for sensitive topics many people stay out of it as it could potentially cost them future business in the sense of people who disagree with you will bypass you to try and avoid drama. So many people just carry on business while silently disliking whatever the rule may be.

But in this case it’s interesting to see people such as restaurant owners simply staying open and having people dine in indoors regardless of the health orders that ban them for the time being. There have even been things like videos of customers showing disdain for health inspectors as they go and fine the business owners. What a crazy time to be in.

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