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Slowing Down Growth

I found myself in a funny situation today where it appeared the audience was growing too big for the project I am doing where I can easily see how people will be more demanding in this situation as usually when you get a surge of people like this they will always check back very frequently to see what you have in store next.

So what I was thinking of doing was holding off any further marketing tactics to acquire an audience as in times like these I think it is better to put your energy in the product/service itself as once you feel you have enough attention it’s about trying to perfect whatever it is you are trying to showcase. From there on the hope is these people will be your new advertising machine where they will do th advertising for you.

Guess another way to think of it is if you were running a restaurant and you all of a sudden have people lining up all the time. There is no point in going crazy in advertising about the business anymore as it’s more about how to meet the needs of the people you currently have and how to best expand to cater more.

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