Slower Local Pick Up Service

Slower Local Pick Up Service

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I found this a little funny as during boxing day I purchased an item online from a local business and in an effort to save money on the shipping fees I decided to choose the in-store pickup option. The business is located literally within walking distance to me as well and till this date it has charged my credit card but has yet to give the okay to go to the store and pick up the item. Interestingly enough, from a retailer that is purely online they actually processed and delivered my order already.

Granted the store probably got bombarded with boxing day order requests, its one of those things where you would expect the local business to shine as I would assume that is one of the competitive advantages that a physical store has over a pure online business. Especially in this case where the customer gets charged first before they actually receive the item. Lesson learned I suppose for this particular company when it comes to actually getting the item you bought on a busy shopping day.

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