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Skip The Dishes Passing Fees To The Customers

During these times a lot of restaurants that don’t normally provide takeout services has had to do so in order to survive since indoor dining has been banned temporarily. Or it must run with limited capacity which means less people can be served. So this was actually a great time for food delivery services as pretty much every restaurant that needed to suddenly provide takeout orders began to use companies such as Skip The Dishes.

With this though a lot of business owners were saying that the fees are crazy high to the point where the delivery company is the one making most of the profits. With that thought, it seems recently that various places have put some mandatory pricing guidelines as to what the company could charge. That means the delivery companies will make less.

That’s the interesting though as it appears that companies like Skip the Dishes simply added an additional fee for people ordering in certain areas. For example, in BC people are reporting that there is an additional 99 cent fee on each order to make up for these new restrictions. I always wonder if customers would be extra upset over that in the same vein as some businesses that add a “credit card fee” if you choose to pay that way which the business is not supposed to do. I guess this company feels most people will understand. But we’ll have to see I suppose.

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