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Simply Focusing On Using Your Own Resources Better

Early in the morning today while waiting for the rapid transit system to open up for service I was talking to a stranger who interestingly enough reacted in a shocking manner as he was saying that he recognized me as “the finance guy” from some of my work. This the made him pen up about his personal financially challenges in life and how it is simply not fair. Basically, he was saying how he was going through so many issues where he doesn’t really get any government support for it whereas if you are someone who say takes drugs or commit crimes there are so many financial support options for you. He was then expressing that he wanted to hear more topics about this.

I was thinking about this and to start off I am not extremely knowledgeable of all the options that are available for people who are on say disability or some kind of recovery program. So I can’t comment too much in that regard. But this is a common theme I hear where people are simply frustrated on how financially it seems like they work hard every day to make a living only for someone else to do so much less in a sense and get things handed to them.

I have learned personally that when it comes to things like this it is simply better to focus in managing your own money and resources better. That means constantly researching about ways to get better value for your money or finding the things you can do to change your financial situation. It’s easy to focus on how that guy or the other is getting free money and such. But what good will that do for you? Instead, focus your energy in building your own future.

Example, I remember before I was consistently making way less than most people as I was working at a minimum wage job mostly for experience. However, instead of focusing how much more money others made compared to me I simply spent that time researching diligently on purchases to make sure I am getting the best value for the long-term such as buying an expensive computer. It reminds me of the example where for my first computer I saved up to buy it on my own yet for my older brother my parents actually bought him one for free.

I could have easily been resentful over that. I didn’t though because I would say the reason I was always debt free compared to him where I could manage my finances appropriately is because of the knowledge I was constantly gaining from just focusing on the resources I had available to work with. That is something you just can’t learn from getting free handouts as an example. This knowledge you gain adds up too as like everything practice makes perfect. Invest your time in yourself as opposed to constantly worrying about things you have no control over too.

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