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Simply Charging Money To Be A Professional


Today a person was telling me how for some of my work that I do just for fun he thought it looked literally like something right out of a professional documentary. He then began to say how I should do it professionally as it seemed like something people would be willing to pay. For now though it was a hobby to me and so I didn’t really aspire to go into the business side of it.

But it did make me think of the whole idea that to be a professional in many cases is not so much about the quality of work but rather you just have to find people who are willing to pay for it. Because skill wise for many things you can often find a ton of hobbyist and enthusiast of a particular trade or topic that can produce just as good if not better results. Many times too people often think if someone charges a ton of money they must be good which of course isn’t always true.

It’s interesting too because people often say they don’t want to start charging people because they don’t think they are “professional” enough. You may be surprised though as to just how well you can actually do a job to give people better value for their money compared to others.

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