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Having Silent Store Openings

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Not too long ago there was a computer shop that closed down here and that quickly too there was a sign advertising that another large company would be taking its place. For the most part I thought it would take a while and that maybe there would be a big event of some sort. To my surprise as I walked I noticed there were customers and one employee in there as they were open for business.

By the looks of it they decided to do a soft launch it seems which I can only assume is to make sure everything actually works. I always wonder if those are a good idea for stores that have a very high name brand awareness. You would assume everyone would start blasting that information out that they are open on social media. That’s good in many ways but probably not if there are kinks that need to be sorted out first.

It’s probably great for smaller companies though as it gives you an opportunity to spend more time with the customer to ensure that you are truly ready for a big wave of steady customers. Many online sites do this except they use an invite system for it. Either way it’s always good to test everything out and be able to earn your revenue at the same time.

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