Signing Up For Services To Get Better Deals On Others
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Signing Up For Services To Get Better Deals On Others

I was thinking today as there were some people who were saying that they needed to buy advertising credit from various online companies and would have to spend almost $100. It’s not unusual too where these companies usually partner up with others where they give vouchers to solicit other people’s customers to do business with them as they feel that is the right demographic. An example was I registered a $2 domain only to then afterwards be presented with so many advertising coupons for different companies like Microsoft.

Now obviously some have stipulations such as for new accounts only. Therefore you can’t exactly just go hunting around for vouchers this way to save money in every case. But it’s definitely not a bad idea at times especially if you were looking to try a service for the first time. Offline the most common type of deals in this manner are buy a product and get a free trial offer on various services as an example. And yes, many times the actual product can be cheaper than subscribing to whatever it is you were interested in directly. You just have to do the research.

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