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Should Students Endure Through Tuition Fees or Should Education Be Free?

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Today across Canada a bunch of post secondary students had a peaceful rally in voicing their opinion in regards to the high tuition fees that one must pay to receive a post secondary education. Here in Vancouver the rally took place within the Downtown area. Now I saw an interesting segment on the news where they interviewed people from both sides of the fence and the one thing that really had me a bit shocked was that one of the protester was interviewed on camera and said “We should have access to education. It should be fair and free for everybody”.

Maybe the person was just in the mob mentality and so that was inadvertently blurted out that it should be free, but that kind of got me thinking if the fees are really truly that high where it is impossible to manage financially at that age for most people or if a lot of people are just falling into that entitlement mentality where they think that they can simply let someone else like the government to take care of them financially. I mean, yes we pay taxes and with that we expect certain things in return, but does that really mean when it comes to finance we should just rely on someone else?

As weird as this may sound, I think the tuition fee is kind of good in a way as having to pay means you can’t just carelessly jump into something at that age and then not take it seriously. I’m sure everyone has seen people who have had their entire school tuition paid off for them as they say came from a rich family and they ended up not taking it seriously. Not only that, but I think it will teach one a lot on how to mange their money wisely. I guess it is all about that fear of loss mentality where if you had to spend a large amount of your personal investment in something then it will motivate you to follow through with your goal rather than taking it for granted.

Now of course I don’t think tuition fees should be so ridiculous like say $30,000 a semester, but some self responsibility is needed I think. Like in most cases, school is the place to make mistakes and to learn from them to help prepare you for the real world. If you mess up your finances due to something that was perfectly controllable, be glad you learned it now as oppose to doing it later down the road during more crucial times in your life.

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