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Shopping One Day Before The New Flyer Day

When it comes to general household essentials I find that I usually do a lot of my shopping either on a Thursday or a Friday.  The reason is that usually new flyers and sales come out on a Friday here and that means the previous sales are over on a Thursday.  So this kind of puts you in a good position to take advantage of essentially two weeks of sales.

As an example, maybe this week there are carrots that are sale for a very good price.  Upon looking at the upcoming flyers I know that the grapes will be at least 50% cheaper the very next day.   So with this knowledge I can plan my purchases appropriately to get the best deal.  I know most people would not do this as many people simply want to make one trip to the supermarket for the week and that’s it.

I just find that usually translates to very little savings if any if you go with that route as even from a business point of view usually the point of a sale is to get you in the store where those items could act as a loss leader.  They then hope that you will buy other things at regular retail price where the business will make back those losses and more.    So if you really want to save money this is a little extra effort to save a lot of money that adds up over time.

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