Shopping On The Eve of A Holiday
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Shopping On The Eve of A Holiday

Usually when you think of people shopping today it’s basically all those last minute people scrambling to get gifts before Christmas right? At the same time, there are often big sales that happen right after the holidays. Like here in Canada, on the 26th right after Christmas is Boxing Day. With that in mind, there are so many retailers here with on online presence who are simply offering Boxing Day sales today on its online site. Therefore, it’s not just people looking for gifts but those who are looking to get a head start from the big sale.

I have often heard that sales like these are getting out of hand where you should be spending time with like the family as opposed to being stuck on the screen trying to find the best deals. Although, since it is the eve of a holiday does it make it just like a regular day where it’s all good for shopping? To me anyways, shopping and bargain hunting on the actual event day like tomorrow is a little silly. Keep in mind we are talking about online shopping here as most retail stores are usually closed during the holidays.

On a side note, a lot of the sales didn’t seem that good to me today anyways.

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