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Shopping In Less Financially Wealthy Areas

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Today I had to go to an appointment that resulted in going through an area that is dominated mostly by small businesses and is definitely not as occupied by wealthy people. What made my head turn a lot is when you walk past the grocery stores so many of the same packages fruit and vegetables that you find at the bigger supermarkets were so much cheaper. For example, I saw a two pound bag of carrots sell for about $2.50 at a larger chain and in one of these stores the exact same item was ninety-nine cents. That is a huge difference.

It makes you wonder how much money you could save in a year by going to areas like these to do your shopping. It was funny too as earlier in the day a person who ran a restaurant business was telling me that location is a key in making money as if he sets a business in a wealthy area he will charge more solely because people there are willing to pay the higher price and people in the less fortunate areas won’t. It makes you wonder how many other businesses are like that where if you simply visit one of their stores in poorer areas that you could get an item for less.

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