Shopping For The Business With Sales And Discounts

Shopping For The Business With Sales And Discounts

I was talking to a person today about how he was starting a new business and that the building he has is one empty space where he pretty much has to furnish it from ground up. We were then talking about how much stuff he would have to buy such as new televisions and other materials. He was then saying how it was okay in some ways as he knew Black Friday sales are coming up and so he intends to buy most of his items then to save a lot of money.

Not bad thinking I thought as ironically usually people that shop for business items are more in a just buy it when you need it mode and so they usually end up paying way more than needed. I find it usually has to do with the “It’s a write off anyways” type of mentality. It’s probably a bad habit developed too from when people work as employees in a business and they are just told “Go buy this as we need it” so it’s more about getting the item now as opposed to finding good deals.

I even find that a lot of people that shop for their businesses are apprehensive about using coupons as for some reason it makes them feel weird. Nothing weird about saving money money I say. Kind of funny as a person would work so hard to wheel and deal in an effort to get a bill smaller for something like the utilities yet simple things like a coupon where it’s like the negotiation has been done for you already isn’t embraced.

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