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Shopping For Deals Throughout The Year For Events

For some reason I noticed recently that quite a few businesses are advertising back to school sales even though that is quite a bit away. The deals don’t even seem that great compared to what you could find closer to the school year too. I then saw one particular ad where its sales pitch for you to buy all your back to school items is so you can avoid the crowds and lineup. Would you be willing to pay say 30% more simply to have everything ready like two months ahead of schedule in this case?

For this particular case I would be more inclined to wait for the sales as most of the items in general aren’t very hard to find. If anything, usually the direction I would try to go with here is to simply buy the items throughout the year if they are a good deal and hope that I will have very little left to shop near the cut-off date. This is as opposed to dedicating one day or week to do all the shopping as usually in those cases you are more focused in just getting everything off your list instead of getting a good deal.

The same can be said such as buying gifts for people. It simply requires you to be a bit more organized and focused in terms of what exactly you need to buy so that when you see a good deal you are ready for the checkout line.

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