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Shopping Bottom Shelf items

I was watching this documentary about shopping the other day and how it’s apparently a psychological trick to make all the unhealthy stuff more visible to encourage a purchase. In turn, most of the healthy choices are placed in the bottom. Even though I personally I think items are scattered all over, I decide to pay more attention to it today out of curiosity.

Maybe it’s just me, but for the most art I noticed that the bottom items are usually the bulkier package choices such as if you are shopping at a wholesale store. So if you think about it you could potentially save more money that way. However, in terms of items being healthier there didn’t seem to be a consistent theme to me personally. I wonder if that is simply more of an American store tactic than a Canadian one.

Speaking for myself, I have been more trained to scan the price tags as opposed to how appealing the box looks. Afterwards I would check things like the labels to see if it is worth buying or not. So if anything I would be more susceptible to signs saying there is a sale I think.

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