Shipping And Delivering Items Yourself In The Beginning

Shipping And Delivering Items Yourself In The Beginning

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I was just browsing online for some local stores today to buy some items and not surprisingly most places had online stores. These places weren’t huge either as they seemed to be a small business. What surprised me was that there was this one place that advertised they provided free expedited shipping on any order that you place regardless of how small it is. Of course this immediately made me wonder as to me they must be bleeding money this way as if someone bought a two dollar item and had to pay the shipping company like three dollars that wouldn’t make sense.

The answer seemed to be an obvious one though as the owners themselves would actually deliver the items themselves in many cases as opposed to having to hire an outside company to do it. Basically, they would see what orders they have and if there are any routes that make sense where their own people can deliver it instead to save a lot of money.

One of those things you overlook at times as we are just too focused on the solutions that big companies use due to the excessive volume of business they do when sometimes as a small business you don’t really need it. Nice way to attract more customers too.

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