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Services That Rely On You In Staying In A Cycle

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About 5 months ago I started having this irritating cough and at first didn’t think too much of it. Now for myself I can say I am probably above average in terms of health as the last time I had say headaches and those minor things was when I was in elementary school. At the same time, I am super active all the time and rarely if ever see a doctor and usually avoid medications of sort. But when I started to get this cough that lingered on for about a month and a half I noticed that it was a bit harder for me to breathe on one side which was odd.

So, I figured this was serious enough to try and get some professional medical advise/analysis. At first the doctor told me that it was probably just a cold and to wait it out as from what he saw everything else about me was perfect. So, two weeks later it still persisted and then I was asked to try some kind inhaler (Looks like that was meant for people with asthma). That did absolutely nothing and so his answer was just he was out of ideas. Again he told me to wait it out as I seemed to be perfectly healthy from what he saw.

That brings me to today where it has been a little over a month again and I can still feel the problem. Similarly, the doctor checks me up such as getting me to breathe and says I seem perfect. As well, he mentioned since I don’t do things such as smoke it can’t be anything serious such as cancer and so as long as I can tolerate it I should again just let it be and check again later.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but it is almost as if he just wants me to keep visiting him as I know here in Canada the doctors get paid to a certain extent depending on how many patients they see in the day with the way our healthcare system works. It almost reminds about the theory of other professional services such as say a subscription based dating site where they rely on you in not finding the right partner as that would be a loss of customer as a result or say a weight loss program.

I feel like one of those lost consumers in this point too as you are trying to just follow “professional” advise yet you know yourself something is wrong. Add to the fact that this case deals with something that is generally not viewed as a commercial offering which makes it more confusing. Am I being used as simply an income source in this case? Who knows, but I’ll definitely be trying to explore my options as staying in a cycle that costs you time or money usually means change is necessary.

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