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Selling More Class Spots Through Digital Platforms

I recently was looking at this school that seemed to have very few students enrolled into its program as it was conducting sessions in a fairly small room. So it made me wonder how they even stayed in business. To my surprise they actually had more students in that room than I thought. It appeared that they had a mix of in-person students and a bunch of people who were taking the class remotely through their computers where they could interact with the class as if they were there. That actually made them more income than what most schools could make as they only do in-person enrollments.

I have noticed a ton more companies only offering digital courses as well. I can see why too as there is way less overhead in many cases which means more profits. As well you can pretty much hold like a stadium full of people if you really wanted to and it made sense for whatever field it is that you do. But I think the important thing here is to utilize these kinds of options more. The setup up can be really simple too.

At worst even one extra person can add up if you say teach something weekly or even daily. I wouldn’t say that necessarily means you should eliminate in-person options of course. But it’s a tool that can benefit you so why let everyone else but you take advantage of it?

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