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Selling More With Less Visible Branding On An Item

Today I was talking to a person about shopping for various products and she told me that she often needed a lot of unbranded items for her line of work. Basically things like clothes or accessories like a sunglasses shouldn’t have a company’s logo plastered. So that obviously meant that a lot of big brands were out of the question. But what surprised me was seeing how many small companies actually plaster their brands in such a visible way to the point where it is a turn off to buy. That made me think how sometimes not making your branding too intrusive is better.

I suppose the initial thoughts for a company would be the more branding you have on the product the more others will notice it which means more sales and exposure. However, like in this case it could actually lead to a loss of sales where one would probably get more exposure doing it the organic way where you offer a great product or service that people naturally recommend.

It’s odd from the traditional way of thinking in many ways because for the higher luxury brands people want the logos plastered everywhere. But even I noticed nowadays that more people would rather have things like those logos hidden. I suppose a big reason for that is because unlike way before these days a lot of people do things like take selfies where a lot of people would rather not show the branding. I would think for smaller companies too that would be a good thing to take advantage of.

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