Self Learning Professional Tools Through A Hobby
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Self Learning Professional Tools Through A Hobby

I had a fun day today with another person as we were working on a fun project together. The funny thing was that we were using tools and resources that we were not professionally trained in. As a result every once in awhile we would scour the Internet for tips and tutorials on how to do certain things and it was great as we accomplished what we wanted and at the same time we were saying how we were learning something new in the process.

Speaking for myself it was great as I could easily use what I learned into my professional life. That then made me think how many times people use the obstacle that they have had no training or no money to get that training as a key reason to hold them back from learning and growing. Like in this example, the resources are there if you simply look. You just need to find something that you are passionate about doing as a way to develop your skills.

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