Seems Like Any Profession Can Give You Ample Opportunities

Seems Like Any Profession Can Give You Ample Opportunities

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Usually when companies have some kind of opportunity elsewhere and they want to send some established or trusted upcoming talent you would think this would be for sophisticated positions such as a software engineer correct? Well this is what was interesting as today I was talking to a person who relocated to Canada here because the company had an opportunity for them. Again you would assume that the position is highly technical in a sense that needs years of education. The position was actually a janitor role.

I was very surprised as those types of skills I would imagine is more plentiful in any country where you wouldn’t need to acquire talent from elsewhere for it. But sure enough that was the case here and the person was excited since they felt the lifestyle would be a lot better here. It just made me think how any profession if you work hard enough and are in the right place at the right time it can equally open up a lot of opportunities to get to where you want.

That’s still kind of hard to think but in many ways I suppose it’s about personality too where if a business likes working with you and you develop that trust then you are most likely going to get the opportunities first too.

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