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Seems A Little Silly To Hunt For Deals At A Fair

This week there is going to be free admission to an annual fair where there is usually an area full of merchants trying to sell products. It’s almost like walking into a live infomercial where everyone tries to sell you the world’s best broom or exercise equipment. To my recollection, I don’t think I have ever seen a great deal at these types of events where the prices are usually the same if not more than regular retail prices. However, I was still interested in researching what vendors would be showing up this year.

That did get me to think whether or not it is kind of silly to expect really good deals at events like these. I remember one example where my parents saw this broom called a Sweepa which seemed so great when the employees were demoing it. As a result, they bought a few to give to friends as well. However, it didn’t turn out to be so great for whatever reason where it is simply sitting in a closet somewhere.

If anything, it’s natural to expect that anything you buy at a fair is going to be marked up like crazy to take advantage of the crowd. But who knows. Maybe there will be a merchant that just wants to dump their inventory which means a great deal.

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