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Seeing What Else You Can Buy With Your Money

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I had an interesting conversation today with a person in regards to an entertainment budget where we were talking about how there was one person who was always complaining about not having enough money yet they spent like $10 a week on this video game. My view was that $10 is a lot of money when you add it up for his scenario. He was saying at first it was nothing as in his view if he doesn’t spend it there then it is going to go somewhere else anyways.

It wasn’t until I started to say how much it was a year where if you do the math it works out to $520. All of a sudden he started to agree that it was a lot of money considering how much you can buy in terms of essential needs. The more I think about it that is actually not too bad of a way to establish value and trying to get the best for your dollar. For example, I think the most typical example for many is that they would say something like they could buy something or pay the rent for the month. It sure gets you thinking when you are spending so much money where those funds in comparison can easily help with something more substantial. Just take the time to actually compare and think about it.

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