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Seeing More Webinars To Replace Live Meetings

Things like video chats and online conference is nothing new in general. But for the most part when it comes to meeting a group of people whom you have never met before usually live meetings still seem to be the way to go for most. But I noticed this year more people have just been using webinars as a replacement to live meet and greets.

Financially it can make sense for the organizers as traditionally you would probably have to rent out some kind of space where that cost is often passed to the attendees. That can usually discourage people from even going at times as well where one debates if they want to risk paying money for something that may not turn out ideally. I suppose the question is can a virtual environment be just as good in these cases or is it simply not the same?

I would be inclined to say a virtual environment might actually help with those odd scenarios where people tend to only talk with the people they know. At the same time it might be seen as very “unprofessional” traditionally where that may discourage people from using it. The more I think though even various companies are starting to get their employees to work from home to save time and money. I suppose the other odd thing is many would consider the virtual meetup as not “real” in the sense of you still need to meet in-person before one usually concludes if they would want to work with a person. Maybe our mindsets aren’t there yet to do this stuff 100% of the time.

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