Seeing This Sale Price For A NutriBullet Changes My Shopping Intent
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Seeing This Sale Price For A NutriBullet Changes My Shopping Intent

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So recently I was thinking of getting a blender as I have often been making my own juice with a really good Breville juicer which I invested a lot in years ago. It has served me well for years, but recently I was thinking of trying something new this year as usually when I juice I end up discarding the fibre and many people say maybe making like a smoothie out of it would be better. So I decided to research about various blenders and this product called a Nutribullet seemed to have popped up a lot.


After doing my usual bargain hunting research it seemed like most places sold this 600 watt model for about $99. At the same time, apparently there was a new 900 watt model that sells for about $180. So thinking about it, maybe it would be better to invest in the more recent product. That then resulted in me seeing if I could find a good deal on it. That led me to see that a store did have it for sale not too long ago and as you can see here they were selling that 900 model for about $85.


After seeing this the only thing I can think of now is how ridiculous the markup is and that if I ever paid the full $180 for it that would be pretty silly. If anything, in this case if I actually wanted to try the product now it almost makes more financial sense to buy the older model and then simply wait for the newer one to go on sale again. I was thinking too I could just go with the route I went with the Breville juicer where I would just buy something that is a lot more expensive but would more than likely last longer. For a blender as an example I was looking at this product called a Vitamix. Of course, the price tag is way heftier as you would be looking to invest at least $300 it seems.

Interesting dilemma I am in at the moment. For the sake of being a savvy shopper though there is no way I am going to pay the full price for that product after seeing that sale price.

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