Seeing Most Boxing Day Sales Now
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Seeing Most Boxing Day Sales Now

Today is usually the day when every large retailer begins to release its boxing day flyers in hopes to lure customers to shop at the stores on the 26th. However, of course people that use the Internet a lot are the ones that are seeing this first as people who are relying on a physical flier tend to receive the information a little slower.

So far I have been a bit underwhelmed as it doesn’t seem like companies are trying that much as it feels more like an opportunity to get some huge sales before the end of the year. The interesting thing is around February is usually when retailers get desperate for sales and so a lot of the better deals can usually be found during that time. I’m not sure if I will actually be buying anything during this year’s event. Funny thing is I think the grocery deals are better than say most of the electronic or clothe deals based on what I saw as people want to get rid of all that excess Christmas inventory.

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