Seeing It Yourself Before Buying It
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Seeing It Yourself Before Buying It

I was planning to get a new work monitor for the longest time as I find myself needing more window space to accommodate all the programs that I often have opened at once to help multitask.  While some of them sounded nice online, I wanted to see how it is in-person.  Sure I can just look at reviews online, but this is one of those things where I feel you need to actually see it before deciding.

I imagine it can actually cost you more money if you don’t end up liking it to simply return it.  Example, having to bring the thing back to the store or worst ordering online and having to ship it back at your own cost.  I guess this is due to all the online shopping and usually a lot of the high quality demonstrations that you see of items online are done by the business itself which makes you wonder how authentic it is.

Makes me wonder too if more retail businesses are simply going to turn their storefronts into like a showroom and have people order everything online.

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