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Seeing How The Expensive Products Can Save You Money

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I recently got to try this really expensive cold press juicer as I have read how it supposed to give you more yield compared to others. At about three times the cost of a regular juicer it makes sense to go with the cheaper options right? But in this case I was so surprised at the results. Yes, the more expensive product created more juice yield as expected, but literally almost forty percent more than with my old one?

It was more notable on the softer items where normally with a fast spinning juicer a lot of it will simply get cut up but not get juiced as they are meant more for harder items. So seeing how much more product I was getting just made me think of how much money I could be saving in the overall picture as I don’t need to buy as much product to get what I currently use.

I’ve mentioned many times where I don’t mind investing in expensive things if it makes sense overall versus just wanting the latest and greatest. Because ultimately if it improves my way of life in a big way then you really should be investing in things like that. It reminds me of all the articles I read that many times when it comes to money we have it backwards where we spend most of our money on lavish non essentials but for life requirements we try and get the cheapest thing possible. It truly doesn’t make sense huh?

I know for myself, just like saving money seeing your bank account go up as an example is great motivation not to want to ever go into debt but to try and keep it going up. So when it comes to investing in my health it’s almost the same principle. For example, eating healthy things is what enables me to walk outside for so long without getting tired or when doing strenuous activities. So like saving money it’s kind of a habit to always want to be able to do more and investing in things to improve that is a must. Especially like here how getting so much more makes it tempting.

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