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Seeing Different Items In A Liquidation Sale

I read a good point today on how there was a company advertising that it was holding a liquidation sale where the funny thing was the store was carrying items that it normally didn’t sell. Therefore, the point was brought up that the company was just trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of people as they specifically purchased these products in hopes that uneducated shoppers would buy it during the sales frenzy.

This was very true I thought. Even for things such as clearance sales, while you may think they are simply trying to clear out old inventory a lot of companies do just use the buzz word in hopes to sell high margin items to make more money out of people. The best thing you can do is always research the prices of the items at other stores regardless if they say the item is say 60% off. I think a good example too are those Zellers stores that are closing down here as a lot of the items that they claim are like 80% off can be found cheaper at others stores.

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