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Seeing An Industry Behind The Scenes

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This was kind of crazy today as I saw two companies literally try to tear one another a new one where the dispute seemed to revolve around one company taking customers from the other. However, what made it more heated was that one side was claiming the other was doing it in illegitimate ways such as tricking the customers who then lock themselves into a contract.

It’s so interesting to discover these kinds of behind the scene disputes as on the outside as a regular consumer you wouldn’t even think anything this crazy happening. With that said, I am sure most people would like to know the details so that they know the type of company they are supporting financially as an example. In many ways it also sure shows how gruesome a business environment can be where it’s a constant battle between ethics and making a dollar.

It makes me wonder too if there has ever been a report published of any kind on which industry has the most instances of rivalry conflicts and which ones have the least. Stereotypically, I would say something like farming probably has the least conflict as from all the media that is presented to us the conflict in this type of business is usually more economical as opposed to one guy trying to sabotage the other sort of deal.

It’s not usually something many people think about as most people usually enter an industry with money being the main motivator. It can be the other way around too where someone sees how bad an industry is and as a result the want to fix it. Like they say too, knowledge is power.

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