Seasonal Business Involvements

Seasonal Business Involvements

This was kind of neat I thought as there was this guy that owned a mini store of sort where he mentioned that his business changes depending on the season. By that he doesn’t just mean for example the type of groceries that he offers depending on the season. Usually for most businesses there are downtime such as in the summer a skiing resort isn’t exactly going to be packed with customers.

So what he does is that his business adjusts based on what he feels is going to attract the most customers. For example, in the summer he may offer like tour packages as if he was a travel agent through an affiliation with different businesses. The main reason for this it seemed is that instead of struggling during a dead season he figured he may as well take advantage of where the traffic is to generate more revenue.

It’s always interesting to see people taking initiative like this as it kind of reminds me how there are so many opportunities out there and if you say you can’t find any then most likely you are just looking at the wrong places or in general not keeping an open mind. When I think about it too I have even seen places here that run mini grocery stores that are also running a vehicle rental business. If you can why not I suppose to maximize your profits.

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