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Sears Canada Liquidation Sale Guessing Game

sears canada liquidation sales

Well today was officially the first day that all Sears stores in Canada will be trying to clear its inventory from the stores as it is going bankrupt. Of course I decided to check it out. For the most part it turned out how I assumed where the deals weren’t really that good as you could find better sale prices elsewhere. This is common at this types of events since they often want to try and maximize profits. That doesn’t stop people from shopping simply because they think they are getting a great deal though.

At times like this if you are actually eying something you kind of have to make the guess on whether or not you should buy it now or wait even though the deal may not be too great. Many times the good stuff will be gone because people will buy then fast thinking they are a good deal. So like there do you settle for something mediocre in terms of a sale price or risk waiting?

In these cases I would rather just risk it as you can often find way better deals at other places during times such as Black Friday or Boxing Day. As well for retail stores many times just before April can be great as companies tries and balance its books for a new fiscal period. It’s not really a deal if other places are selling it for less.

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