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Saying No or Saying You Lose Money In Business

This was kind of fascinating as many times in business people often don’t want to do certain deals because they can’t really see it being a benefit to them. However, when it comes to someone you have a form of relationship with people say they often can’t say no because of that relationship. It’s worst of course if they know you have money. But one person told me what worked for him is the more straight forward answer where instead of just saying no he just says how he will lose money.

Apparently for him when you address it in that way it pretty much turns it into an actual business conversation where the person needs to find a way to make it a positive net gain for yourself too as opposed to just taking money from the other. That be the same when it comes to one’s time too where people ask another to do things for free. While granted there are probably still people who would persist as if it is a donation it is kind of interesting how that change of wording can put things in perspectives better for people.

There are times where you can be generous and all but ultimately that should come down to if you genuinely can. Maybe a slight adjustment on how you communicate it as well can work better like in this person’s case.

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