Saving Thousands By Reading A Manual
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Saving Thousands By Reading A Manual

This was kind of funny as I was told of a situation where a company had to setup this photo booth of sorts for an event where none of the employees had first-hand experience with it. Therefore, they were given an option to hire a person from another area to go down and set it up for them for about $1500. Not surprisingly, for that price tag they wanted to try it themselves.

For the most part, all of the instructions and manuals were there on how to set the thing up. The only thing it required was someone to take the time to actually read it. Ultimately, they did get someone where everything was up and running in about two hours. To think, just reading a manual saved that business over a thousand dollars. This can be so true for many other things too such as hiring people to hook up a computer or home theatre system when overall it’s not actually that complicated.

Even I feel a little too lazy to read through a manual, nowadays I usually try to at least find a tutorial video about it online which often works just as well. Saves time and money.

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