Saving Money With Strangers
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Saving Money With Strangers

Today I saw a lot of people lined up to buy these sushi meals for lunch and this place had a big sign saying buy one item and get the other one for half price. I guess from a business side they are trying to generate more sales this way. As it turned out,not many customers take advantage of the deal and simply buy one item.

That’s what was kind of funny I thought as there was a line up of person after person just buying one item. If you think about it, if all these people just randomly paired up and bought the item together they can both walk away from just buying one item where both of them would get to save some money as a result. Is it too weird to ask a complete stranger to do something like that though?

Thinking for myself, if I was in that line up and someone proposed the idea to me I would think that it would be a smart idea. This kind of thing would probably be so much easier if people could find a way to ask without asking directly. For example, just having like a cell phone app where people indicate if anyone else is in the area and wants to group shop save money to just notify them.

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