Saving Money For Fun To Produce A Good Financial Habits
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Saving Money For Fun To Produce A Good Financial Habits

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I was thinking the other day as there was a person who was playing a game where one of his goals was to simple have $10,000 of sort in his account at all times. This is completely fictional currency but it was interesting how he just wanted $10,000 for the sake of having $10,000. From there he would never want to spend anything more that would cause him to go below that amount. So if he had $10,500 as an example then in his mindset he only has $500 to spend.

Thinking about this I actually use this in real life in many ways when it comes to saving and managing money. I often have a specific amount that I like to maintain where anything above that is technically what I can spend. While for most I suppose you can say that is no different than an emergency savings fund of some sort. While that is true I suppose for me it’s more of a mindset that it’s just a side goal of sort for fun in many ways but at the same time it acts as a way to make sure you don’t send more than what you actually have. So in the event of a real emergency you will have a lot.

I find this helps you to spend less too because you are essentially more motivated to try and maintain that balance where it constantly runs in the back of your mind if purchases are worth it. In many ways it just convinces you to save more I find. Funny just how a little mindset shift can make a big difference in saving and managing money.

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